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About Maker 2 Home’s Online Tile Shop

M2H handmade glass mosaic backsplash in greys and blues in a contemporary kitchen

While shopping for tiles isn’t as common as, say, shopping for groceries, we believe it should be just as easy. Shopping online for contemporary  tiles is a process that homeowners often spend an inordinate amount of time doing, selecting samples, going to big box retailers, and with lots of back and forth between the customer, the sales associate, and the manufacturer, it often takes longer and exceeds project budgets very quickly. These decisions are so important; hours can be wasted, and often tile dealers and distributors markup their products up to 200%, unfairly so, unbeknownst to the customer.

Enter Maker 2 Home (M2H) Tile Boutique, a family owned tile maker, online tile shop, and distributor based in Los Angeles, California. Over the past 15 years of business, our family has built up three manufacturing facilities in Asia.

M2H winter teardrop marble tile shower wall with stylish bathroom productsWe craft the finest decorative tiles for high-end designers and architects all over the world, using premium materials and techniques that make for lasting beauty. Among our collections, our signature products are handmade glass tiles, natural marble mosaic, and multi-purpose self adhesive tile. Now, these unique looks are finally available to the public.

We’ve created an elevated online tile shopping experience with you, the customer, at the heart of it. Your purchase is secured with a one year warranty, and we offer a hassle free, 14 day return period. There is no middle man; it’s just you, and our tile creations, directly from tile makers. Plus, to guarantee you love what you create from our online tile shop, you can enjoy 10% off your purchase after buying a sample sheet for your project.

We put passion into everything we create, so that you can have the most stunning look for your home. Questions? Reach out to us to tell us more about your next project, and let one of our experts help find the best tile for your needs.