Any shower can feel luxurious with the right design and decor accents, even if your bathroom isn’t that big. Make your shower the focal point of the room with a bold bathroom shower design, and give your bathroom the style upgrade it deserves. You’ll make it feel bigger and also create a space that is relaxing, and beautiful, to be in.

If you’re like many homeowners in 2019, you’ve quickly seen your kitchen become your new “living room”. It’s the place where your loved ones like to gather for meals, chats, games, homework—you name it. Since we’re all spending so much more time in our kitchens, maybe it’s time to give your kitchen the facelift it deserves.

Enjoying dips in a luxurious pool on a hot day is easily the best part of summer, or any warm time of the year. As much as you love your pool, though, you may want to enhance it. That means it’s time for an upgrade, whether it’s adding special features or upgrading your pool’s materials.

Here’s our five tips to upgrade an inground pool for present and future enjoyment for all.

Whether it’s part of a larger renovation project, or something as simple as replacing an old backsplash with something new, the timeless kitchen backsplash ideas that you’ll find at M2H Tile Boutique will be the perfect solution for your upcoming project.

Fashion runways and the auto industry aren’t the only places where trending styles and “what’s in or out” can influence customers or move the stylistic needle. Trends in decorative tiles and contemporary floor tiles can change from year to year as homeowners get a chance to change, improve, or completely renovate their living spaces.

Using decorative tiles to improve the look and style of your home doesn’t have to be limited to just the interior rooms of your house. Out in your backyard, there are likely several spots that could benefit from the installation of one of the many styles of tiles that you can get at Maker 2 Home Tile Boutique – from your backyard pool or hot tubs, to even the steps and exterior walls of your patio.
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