Woman enjoying luxury inground pool

Enjoying dips in a luxurious pool on a hot day is easily the best part of summer, or any warm time of the year. As much as you love your pool, though, you may want to enhance it. That means it’s time for an upgrade, whether it’s adding special features or upgrading your pool’s materials.

Here’s our five tips to upgrade an inground pool for present and future enjoyment for all.

1. Add a Water Feature

Just because your inground pool is a fun place to hang out doesn’t mean it can’t also be a relaxing getaway spot at your home. So, why not add a nice waterfall to the mix?

Waterfalls are excellent water features to add to pools because they provide relaxing sounds. These sounds are especially helpful for hiding or masking noise from busy roads nearby.

Your waterfall can be as simple or extravagant as you wish to make it when you upgrade an inground pool. For example, you can incorporate a cave-like waterfall structure design into your pool area, or you could simply add stacked stone. Sleek fountains feeding into pools, or splash fountains for entertaining the children can also make your swimming pool that much more enjoyable and attractive.

2. Revamp Your Pool’s Decking

Perhaps your pool’s current cement decking could use a makeover. In this situation, you may want to upgrade the inground pool by restaining it to give it a high-end stone, tile, or wood look. You could also replace the cement decking with actual wood, brick, or natural stone. Natural stone in particular provides for a cohesive and beautiful flow from your landscape to your hardscape.

3. Upgrade the Inground Pool by Adding Inground Pool Tiles

If you’re seeking a way to instantly add class to a pool, you can’t go wrong with tile. Glass mosaic tile especially has a way of giving your pool a welcome artisan feel.

With decorative pool tile accents made of glass, you can make your pool sparkle—literally—and even enjoy seeing sunshine cast stunning rainbows on your pool’s surface. Adding tiles to your pool can quickly elevate the look of your pool and, in turn, your home in a relatively subtle way.

4. Use Coping to Upgrade the Inground Pool

Another way to enhance your pool’s appearance is to install decorative pool coping. Your coping is essentially the cap for your pool’s edge, which connects your pool to your pool deck. You can choose to install various kinds of pool coping, including poured concrete, natural stone, brick, sandstone, and even tile.

5. Add a Fire Feature

Yet another excellent way to make your inground pool enticing is to add a fire feature to your pool area. Sure, the pool is an excellent place to cool off on a hot summer afternoon, but with a fire nearby, it can also be a great place to spend a summer evening after the sun sets.

Be sure to add comfy seating around your fire so that your guests will have no problem winding down, relaxing, and conversing with each other late into the night. 

Upgrade Your Inground Pool Today!

If you’d like to make your inground pool a more alluring spot at your home, we at M2H Tile Boutique have what you need to make your design aesthetically pleasing with decorative pool tile accents.

Contact us today to learn more about our many tile options and add your favorite one to your favorite place to take a dip today!