M2H Calacatta glass tile in cool grey-white tonesFashion runways and the auto industry aren’t the only places where trending styles and “what’s in or out” can influence customers or move the stylistic needle. Trends in decorative tiles and contemporary floor tiles can change from year to year as homeowners get a chance to change, improve, or completely renovate their living spaces.


 Colors & Textures

In the first half of 2019, there has been a lot of positive talk and movement in the kind of textures and colors that people are installing in their homes.

Traditional materials and textures like marble, concrete, and stone textures are still popular going back to last year and beyond. However, there is also an upward trend in tile as home improvement projects have been using more items that feature a realistic wood texture or finish. This could be attributed to more homes having hardwood or the alternative wood laminate flooring and those owners wanting to expand that look into other areas of the home.

Keeping with latest tile trends of natural textures, color trends in tile have been leaning more and more towards high-variation, dark tones, and bright finishes. Dark colors can mean marble with blacks and greys in the stone, or wood textures that reproduce the look of a dark stain. On the lighter side of the spectrum, bright colors can be achieved with selections like mosaic glass tile sheets or a PVC-and-aluminum hexagon pattern tile sheet.


Get Creative with Your Patterns

Tile offerings have evolved so much since the early days of simple squares that even a do it yourself project can result in a totally unique and beautiful floor, wall, or backsplash.

Current trends in tile are encouraging installers and home owners to get creative with the patterns and the tile shapes you are using in your projects. Going with bold choices in shapes can result in some uniform and eye-catching results, and there are many different tile shapes to choose from that depend mainly on what material the tiles are made of – for example:

  • Glass tiles can be found in a good variety of Hexagon, Fish Scale, Arabesque, Peach, and Subway shapes that offer amazing mixes of color with the different tiles

  • Marble tiles offer a lot of intricate patterns that offer more sophisticated patterns – from Teardrop, Herringbone, various Waterjet designs, and numerous Mosaic patterns

  • Vinyl tile sets (also known as “peel-and-stick”) offer a great deal of variety in the patterns and shapes and can even replicate the look of glass, marble, stone and even metal materials on an easier to install sheet. Literally any of the above-mentioned tile shapes (and more) can be found in vinyl and its easy-to-use installation process makes it a strong contender for do-it-yourself projects.

 Bold geometric concrete-look peel-n-stick floor tile

Go Bold & Be Confident

With the growing popularity of bold choices in both shape and color in the latest tile trends, the acceptance of using larger tiles – particularly when setting a new floor or when surfacing areas in bathrooms, like the shower – has become another style choice that has gained popularity.

 Longer, wider and non-traditional patterns have become a style staple of home projects because modern materials and companies like Maker 2 Home Tile Boutique have made it easier for people to order the tiles they need to create the look they want without destroying their project budget. 

 It’s now easier than ever before to find a wider (literally) selection of tiles in multiple high-quality materials, with easy installation– so homeowners are more comfortable in being bolder with their tile choices. Plus, with technology allowing manufacturers the ability to create tiles that simulate the appearance of different materials (for example: PVC-and-aluminum wall tiles that have a wood print on them), people have fewer hurdles to keep them from getting the exact look they want.

Be a Trendsetter

 Handmade glass mosaic tile in Arabesque pattern blue and white

Ultimately, the trends in tile in 2019 are a great way to see how far things have come when it comes to the manufacturing and design of home improvement and construction products that add beauty and character to our homes. But even with all the trends pointing towards these shapes or this particular color-set, the important thing to remember is that when you’re ready to renovate or improve your home with a tile project – you need to make sure you’re installing something that you are going to love.


Being happy with the final outcome of your tile project is the main goal that every do-it-yourselfer needs to keep in mind, so have a vision in your mind on how you want your floor, bathroom, or backsplash to look and then go and make it happen!