Any shower can feel luxurious with the right design and decor accents, even if your bathroom isn’t that big. Make your shower the focal point of the room with a bold bathroom shower design, and give your bathroom the style upgrade it deserves. You’ll make it feel bigger and also create a space that is relaxing, and beautiful, to be in.

Don’t worry—adding pizzazz to your small bathroom isn’t hard to do with the right tile design. Here are a few tile shower ideas for small bathrooms.

Use Light Tones and Unique Waterjet Cut Shapes

Your first question as you explore small bathroom shower design ideas may be, “Should I stick with bold colors or neutral ones?” 

As a general rule of thumb, a white surface makes any space feel much more open and clean — especially in the bathroom. Opt for colors like champagne, white, or cool grey. To add the illusion of space without making your bathroom feel stark, consider tiles cut in unique floral or Arabesque shapes for visual appeal. 

With these tiles, you won’t just make your shower area look bigger: You’ll also make your bathroom stand out with color and texture.

White and Black Tile Shower Ideas

White and Black Tile Shower

If you’re searching for tile shower ideas for small bathrooms, you may also want to consider combining black tiles into your shower room. Dark colors have a reputation for making spaces seem smaller, but when artfully mixed with adjacent shades of grey and white, darker colors can add depth to your space that may be harder to achieve with monochrome. 

The juxtaposition of white and black has a way of adding a touch of contemporary sophistication and class to any space, and this couldn’t be truer for a bathroom. Our Arabesque glass mosaic tiles for your shower, for example, lend to an exotic and refined look, particularly given our hand-applied foil texture beneath each tile. 

Go Big!

If you’re on the prowl for other tile shower ideas for small bathrooms, consider going big in your small bathroom with large tiles. Big shower tiles have the ability to trick your brain into believing that a room is larger than you might think it is.

So, a good tile option for your bathroom may be Palissandro glass tile, for instance. This type of tile is an innovative and high end option, as it mirrors the look of the world-renowned marble by the same name. 

Make Your Bathroom Shower Look Larger Today with the Right Tile Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms!

With the above bathroom shower design ideas, you can easily make friends and family say “wow” the next time they step foot into your bathroom. And the great news is that these tile shower ideas for small bathrooms are easy to implement with the help of our many tile options at M2H Tile Boutique.

Get in touch with us today to learn how you can effortlessly transform your bathroom into a beautiful, eye-catching, and dynamic showering space this year.