You might think it’ll cost an arm and a leg to have someone install the kitchen or bathroom tiling of your dreams, but it turns out that you don’t have to pay a premium charge for fantastic aesthetics: there are lots of beautiful looks you can easily craft with your own two hands! Read on to discover some of our favorite ideas at M2H Tile.

Learn the Basics 

Before you start reading, keep in mind that it’s best to learn how to install your DIY wall tiles before you go in on the particulars of your favorite looks. You’ll need a few things to start with, like sturdy rubber gloves, backer board, and tile adhesive. Guides like this one are great ways to learn how to install tiles. Also, all of our tiles come with detailed installation instructions for you or a contractor to refer to.

With that out of the way, here are our picks for the best tile looks:

1.    Marble Mosaic

You can’t top a little bit of Hellenistic goodness when it comes to elegance and panache. Ancient peoples constantly decked out their living spaces with beautiful marble materials, and these mosaic options make great DIY wall tiles even today. 

2.    Handmade Glass 

If you’re pursuing a look that’s as classy as it is individualistic, consider handmade glass tiles where every piece is distinct. Our glass foil tiles have all been carefully crafted and shine with elegance, particularly when paired with lighting that can shimmer off the surface.

3.    Ledge Stone Tiles 

Ledge stone makes a fantastic choice of material when it comes to installing DIY wall tiles, because they offer a look that can be cutting edge as well as cozy depending on how it’s used. . Infuse naturalistic sophistication into your space with ledge stone tile around your fireplace. They come in a variety of tones perfect whether your vision is rustic or modern, or a fusion of bothl. Infuse naturalistic sophistication into your space with ledge stone tile around your fireplace or by adding ledgestone for an accent wall.


4.    Vinyl Tiles

If you’re looking for something totally hassle-free, peel-n-stick vinyl tiles make for an easy and cost-efficient option for those who are searching for something simple that also makes a statement. These DIY wall tiles are also easy to pair with other kinds of tiling, opening up lots of options for customizing your own look for your space.


5.    Interlocking Mosaics 

Interlocking mosaic tile makes it easy and affordable to give your kitchen or bathroom the sleek and sophisticated veneer you’ve been craving for your living space. Interlocking mosaics add a modern personality to any area, making them ideal DIY wall tiles for those who want to make a statement with their interior design choices.

Get Samples from M2H Tile Boutique Today 

If you’re still not certain about which of these elegant tiling options is right for your home, we sell individual samples of all our tiles so you can work out the best choice for your space before you commit to a full interior renovation. Leave us a comment if you have questions about how to set up any of these ideas for DIY wall tiles (or if you have one of your own), and get in touch if your queries are more in-depth. You won’t find a better combination of value and customer service anywhere except for M2H Tile Boutique, so shop with us today and see what you and your home have been missing.