Trendy patio decor including white ledge stone accent wall tileUsing decorative tiles to improve the look and style of your home doesn’t have to be limited to just the interior rooms of your house. Out in your backyard, there are likely several spots that could benefit from the installation of one of the many styles of tiles that you can get at Maker 2 Home Tile Boutique – from your backyard pool or hot tubs, to even the steps and exterior walls of your patio.


Tiles for Pools

Few elements in a backyard brings out friends and family for good times like a gorgeous pool on a summer day – and when you ensure that your pool is surfaced with gorgeous decorative tiles, it makes all the effort of a do-it-yourself backyard remodel worth it.

If you prefer the cool vibes of a pool with blue accents, then M2H has multiple tiles sets that take inspiration from tropical waters and the blues of the ocean. Or, if you’d prefer to have your pool with greys and browns reminiscent of a sandy beach, you can find those colors and sets as well. These glass tiles are handmade and are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that your backyard tiles designs will finish looking incredible.

Accent Tiles for Staircases

Leading down from your home into your yard, to your patio, or even leading down into your pool, the steps and staircases are an often-overlooked element of backyard tile design for DIY backyard remodeling. By making sure to plan for and installing matching decorative tiles along your various steps in your backyard, you help make your entire yard look more uniform and spread the style and character you want to every activity and social area.

  Garden fountain with flowers and ledgestone tile by M2H Tile

Exterior Walls and Other Surfaces

Tiered patios, retaining walls, and concrete stairways are also prime candidates for application of backyard tile designs. These surfaces enable you to further expand on the colors and tiles that you may already be using in other areas of your backyard (like the pool, hot tub, or an outdoor shower) to connect the different areas of your yard into one, constant theme or style.

Maker 2 Home has several styles of natural ledge stone exterior tiles to choose from.

Tiles for Rinsing Showers

When shopping for backyard tiles designs for some DIY backyard remodeling on your pool, patio, or other backyard surfaces, you might want to consider an outdoor shower for you and your guests, accented by a bold tile design.

Tiles for Hot Tubs and Jacuzzis

With so many backyard pools having accompanying hot tubs, any backyard DIY remodeling project that involves new decorative tiles needs to have the hot tub included – because sometimes (and depending on the kind of weather you have where you live) your hot tub gets more use than your regular swimming pool.

Try Before You Buy & Buy With Confidence

When you take advantage of the M2H sample program, not only will you get some tile sheets sent to you in order to ensure that they have the look you want – but you’ll get a 10% discount from Maker 2 Home on your full order for your backyard project. Plus, enjoy free shipping and a 14-day, no hassle return policy and easy-to-follow installation guides for you or a contractor to follow.