Integrating matte tiles into your home’s interiors, and mixing them with other textures, is a lasting trend. However, mixing and matching matte with glossy can present challenges. That’s why we’ve compiled this easy-to-read guide to create visual harmony in any space. Keep reading to learn some tricks for using lighting, color, and more in ways that will make any space appealing.


Compare and Contrast

The color wheel is going to be one of your best friends as you plan for how you want your room to look. When selecting a dreamy shade of blue tile, you may want to consider a warmer tone for contrast. Mixing matte and glossy tiles can be a lot of fun, and open itself up to a lot of variety if you know which colors pair nicely with each other.


A Play on Textures

You’ll always want to give careful consideration to where you’re going to be applying your tile and how the tiles might look and function across from each other depending on the material you choose. When you’re deciding between matte and gloss tiles for your bathroom walls, for example, you’ll want to keep in mind which type will be easier for you to clean, which material will show more detritus in the first place, and so forth. Boldly implementing glass foil tiles against a matte slate, for example, boosts visual appeal with unique plays on texture. 



Let There be Light (Or Shadow)

Where your tiling is located also carries importance for how it’ll look in various kinds of lighting. Mixing matte and glossy tiles in a sunny room is sure to bring a vibrant sheen to the space in question, but that may not be what you want if you’d like the room to have a mellower atmosphere. Play with the lights in your room and see how they interact with its dimensions before you settle on a final decision for how you want to combine your tiling materials. Matte tiles will absorb the light more than their glossy, polished counterparts.


Find Your Perfect Tiles at M2H Tile Boutique

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