Cleaning the bathroom is one of the more gruelling housekeeping tasks we all know, whether you’re in an apartment or you’re a homeowner. With demanding to-do lists, family or partner obligations, work, and other activities that keep us busy, it’s easy to let cleaning tasks fall to the wayside. However, there are steps you can take to make your life a little easier. One of them is choosing materials that are lasting, durable, and easy to clean in a jiffy.


Read on for tips about low maintenance shower tile and how best to keep your handmade tiles squeaky clean week in and week out.

Low Maintenance Tile Options for Your Shower Wall and Floor Include Marble

A wide range of tile options are easy to maintain, including marble shower mosaic tiles. These low maintenance shower tile options will bring beauty to your wall surface while being relatively easy to clean. Marble tiles are extremely popular because they simply look gorgeous and are highly durable. These types of tiles are also known to be hardwearing and are not very likely to shatter. On top of this, these tiles reflect light, are excellent insulators, and are generally affordable.

Marble shower tiles include the likes of a mid-century mosaic tile style, which are perfect for adding an ocean feel to your showering spot.

Marble can also be used to cover your bathroom floor. Examples of low maintenance shower tile that can be used on your floor include a winter tear-drop shape marble tile, white bloom waterjet tile, or a classic herringbone tile. White waterjet marble tile is another easy floor tile option that many homeowners love.


Another Low-Maintenance Tile Option: Glass

Another simple-to-clean shower wall tile option is a glass shower mosaic tile. Glass tiles offer the benefit of reflecting light and thus making a small space look larger and brighter.

One of the biggest reasons homeowners like glass tiles, though, is that they are inherently mold and mildew resistant, as they are impermeable and thus will not harbor bacteria and germs. For this reason, they are excellent for areas that often experience many water splashes.

Glass tiles come in many styles, including sandy pearl, Palissandro, and champagne foil arabesque mosaic tile. Champagne foil fish scale or Calacatta tiles can additionally be used to adorn your shower walls if you’re looking for low maintenance shower tiles made from glass. 

Cleaning Tips for Low Maintenance Shower Tile and Easy Floor Tile

If you choose marble tile for your bathroom wall or floor, try to clean them once per week using a non-acid, mild household cleaner or a marble cleanser that is specially formulated. A nylon brush with soft bristles, a sponge, or a cloth can be used to get the job done. You’ll want to wet the area using hot water and then use circular strokes to apply your chosen cleaning solution. 


With glass tiles for your shower walls, you can easily clean them using equal parts vinegar and water in a bottle. Simply spray this mixture on your shower walls, and allow it to remain there for about 10 minutes. A soft brush or cloth can be used to remove hard-water stains or soap scum.

Add Low Maintenance Tile to Your Bathroom with the Help of M2H Tile Boutique

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